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Golf My Rounds. Version 3.5

July 2015

Golf My Rounds 3.5 is available on the App Store. With 4 new Side Games.

July 2015
Match Play Out/In/Total

Match Play Out/In/Total is a side game where two players play three Match Plays in a single round: one on holes 1 to 9 (Out), one on holes 10 to 18 (in) and one on the whole round (Total).

The Player with the lowest score wins the hole. The Player that wins more holes wins the Match. Who wins more matches wins the game.

July 2015
16 Points

16 Points is a game for four players.
On each hole each player starts with 4 points. You loose 1 point to anyone that beats you and you get 1 point from anyone you beat.
If a player beats everyone in the group by 2 or more shots each, then this player gets all 16 points.

July 2015

The player with the lowest net score on each hole becomes the Chairman on the following hole.
The Chairman can win the hole if he/she again has the lowest net score. The winner is the person who wins the most holes.
If two players tie then the current Chairman continues for the next hole.

July 2015

The first 3 holes are each worth 1 point, the next 3 holes are each worth 2 points and the next 3 holes are worth 3 points. This pattern is repeated on the next nine holes. The winner of the hole gets the relevant points. If a hole is tied, then the next hole jackpots and continues to do so until there is a win. The subsequent hole then reverts back to its individual amount. The winner is the player with the most points.

July 2015
And bet on this new games if you want!

Golf My Rounds. Version 3.3

October 2014

Golf My Rounds 3.3 is ready on the App Store. Start betting with your friends!

September 2014
New Side Game: Round Robin (Better-Aggregate)

We have added the option Better-Aggregate for Round Robin.

Rodney asked us to include it as it is his favourite one, and we have done it.

September 2014
Error Report button

In Settings we have added an Error Report button that allows you to report an error or anything that you think is not working properly.

It generates an e-mail with a copy of the files that we can analyze to find out what is going wrong and provide a solution.

September 2014
Sharing Bets Results on Facebook & Twitter

It is also very easy to share your Bets Results on Facebook and Twitter.

Just tap on the option and follow the steps.

Everybody will know them.

September 2014
Sharing Bets Results by mail

Just tap on Send by mail, add the mail address of your friends and tap Send.

Let them know who has won, who has to pay, ... and who will cry.

September 2014
Share the Bets Results of your Round

Tap the Share button and select the way you want to share them:

  • By mail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

September 2014
Growing excitement on every hole

After entering the scores of each hole, you can check how the bet results are at the moment.

Here you can see an example of a Round. Things can change dramatically in a few holes!

Golf My Rounds will allow you track the bets and make your rounds even more exciting!

Hole 1

Hole 14

Hole 7

Hole 18

September 2014
Bet Results Preview

We are implementing the bets in all the 55 side games.

Here you can see how it looks like in a Round playing:

  • Match Play Singles
  • Four Ball
  • Skins

You get a summary of bets for each game and the totals. Red numbers mean you have to pay, white numbers are the money you get from the others.

You will be able to share it with your friends, so they don’t forget to pay!

September 2014

In this new version Golf My Rounds will include bets. You will be able to set the bets for each side game and let Golf My Rounds calculate the money that each player has to pay or receive acording to the rules of the game.

You can decide the value of the bets and see what the price could be.
You can select the currency as well.

More fun and excitement for your rounds!

September 2014
Statistics by Dates

Dan pointed out that it would be nice to see your stats of one year, for example.

We have included it. You will be able to set the dates you want to get the stats of your game. This way you can see how you did it one year, or last summer, or on the tournaments on 2010, and so on.

Thank you Dan, and we hope this will fulfill your expectations and from others as well.

August 2014
Handicap limits for a Round

In some tournaments, handicaps are limited by category.

Now, you can set up limits for Men, Female and Junior for a specific Round.

This will help you get the right net scores for all players.

You can also set up limits in the Round Settings and they will apply to all the new Rounds (you can always change them for a specific Round, of course!).

August 2014
We are very busy including new features, some of them suggested by you. We love to do this as it makes Golf My Rounds even better.
We also have new Side Games to include.
Keep visiting our News to see what we are adding, and if you have any suggestion we will be very pleased to try to include it.