Scorecard of Golf My Rounds

The smart Scorecard

Is the heart of the app. Here you can see all the details of a round in the same way as in a paper Scorecard, but having a lot of extra features.
Very intuitive, you get all details about handicap, scores, totals, side games, stableford points, and more.
You can save it as PDF or send it by mail whenever you want.

Enter data

The easiest way to enter data

Tap on any square of a hole for any player and get the keyboard to enter the scoring. Do it exactly as you would do it on a paper scorecard.
Just tap strokes, putts and, if you want, enter shot details and penalties and get all the results for scoring, statistics and side games calculated for you.


And detailed information of Shots

Enter all details of any shot:
Type of shot: Tee shot, fairway, approach, chip, putt
Club used: from your bag; Length of the shot.
Flight of the ball; End point of the shot; Accuracy
And get a detailed view of your shots on any hole.

Map of hole 04

Hole View and shots

Have a view of the  hole with all its details.
See where the bunkers and hazards are.
Add the shots jus tapping on the place where the ball ended and get a great drawing of your shots.

Map of hole 07

Distance Calculator

Tap on any point of the map and get the distances to the Tee Box, to your last shot and to your position.
Don’t miss any shot because of a wrong distance estimation.


Stableford and Modified Stableford points

When playing stableford or modified stableford, switch between strokes scoring and stableford points to see how you are doing.
You have also the handicap points on each hole to know the result you need.
Points are calculated automatically when you entry the strokes.


Round statistics

Any time during the round or after finishing it, you can tap on any player’s name to get the round statistics (Putts, Greens in Regulation, Fairways and Penalties).
You get also: Sand saves, scrambling, up & down and chips in.
They are calculated automatically for you as you enter the data. Tap on any hole number and get your detailed statistics on this hole on all previous rounds. This can help you decide the best way to play it.


Hole lengths for all tee boxes

While playing a round you can check hole lengths from the scorecard, just tapping on the holes numbers.

detailed statistics on this hole on all previous rounds. This can help you decide the best way to play it.


Share your rounds

You can create a great scorecard with all details and share it with your friends by e-mail, send it to your facebook wall or tweet it with your twitter account.
You can also save it as PDF and later sync it with your Mac or PC to get a copy of the scorecard.
Or upload it to your dropbox account and share it.

Round_Shorecliffs Golf Club_22032011

Get a copy of your rounds as a real Scorecard

Whenever you want, you can create a copy of any round as a Scorecard. It will include all the details of the game you played as in a paper Scorecard.
It will be saved as a PDF file on your device. When connected to your Mac o PC, you can go to iTunes, select the device, and in the apps section get the file and copy it to your Mac or PC.
You can also post a JPG version of the scorecard to your facebook or tweet it.