Side Games


Automatic Side Game results

The smart Scorecard is more than a scoring and statistics collector.
If you are playing a side game, it calculates automatically the results hole by hole whenever you enter a single data.
Select the side game you want to play. It doesn’t matter wether you play single side games or by teams, with or without handicap. The system gets the handicap adjustments according to the rules of the side game and calculates the winners, points or whatever result of the side game for each hole and for the whole round.
Just play the holes and see who is leading the game. Have fun!



You can set the bets for each side game and let Golf My Rounds calculate the money that each player has to pay or receive acording to the rules of the game.

You can decide the value of the bets and select the currency as well.

After entering the scores of each hole, you can check how the bet results are at the moment.

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More fun and excitement for your rounds!

List of Side Games

The Largest List of Side Games

We have all kind of Side Games and keep adding more games continuosly.
See here all the Games you can play and their rules.