Charts of each statistic

Have a track record of your game with a friendly interface.
You can see charts with your results and statistics. You can select any item to get a summary of the round. And you can tap the box of the summary to get to the details of the round.
You can filter the rounds by different criteria: Golf Club, Tournament, weather and/or wind conditions, type of round, etc.
See how you play on windy days, or your statistics in tournaments. Or see your statistics on a certain course.


Bar diagrams for scores

Have a quick look of your scorings.
See how many times you have done a specific scoring or stableford points result.
You can see this diagram for all the Golf Courses, or just for the rounds played in your favorite one. Or your scoring without wind, or on sunny days, and so on.


Statistics by hole par

See your performance globally or by hole par.
See how many birdies you made in the par 3 holes.
Or see how accurate your driving shot is.
Or your putting averages for Greens in Regulation compared with total holes played.
And again, get it for the rounds that fulfill the selected criteria.

  • Sand Saves: Holling the ball in just one or two shots from a green side bunker.
  • Scrambling: The percent of time a player misses the green in regulation, but still makes par or better.
  • Up & Downs: Taking just two strokes to get the ball into the hole when your ball is resting off the green or in a green side bunker.
  • Chips in: Holing the ball with a chip shot.
  • 1 Putt, 2 Putts, 3+ Putts.


Statistics on a hole

You can select a hole, while on the statistics or on a scorecard to see your performance on it.
You can get a chart with all scores on that hole that shows you your progress. Tap on any score to see when you did it
Or tap on statistics to get a summary of your figures on this hole: totals for each score, accuracy of tee shot, greens in regulation, putts and penalties.


Happy birds

If a birdie is always a great moment, having a look to all the great moments has to be a pleasant thing.
See your collection of “Happy birds”, birdies, eagles and albatross for a specific course, all courses of a Golf Club or all your Happy birds on all your rounds.
Tap on any of them to see when you got it.
And tap on the date to remember that great round and review the scorecard.

Dream Round 1

Dream Round and Best Rounds

See your best round ever made on a course.
For 18 hole courses, see also your best out (holes 1 to 9) and your best in (10 to 18).
See when you made them.
And now, let’s dream a little and get our virtual ideal round or dream round, considering the best score on each hole. Do you imagine that you could do it once?


Shot statistics

You can see your performance for each type of shot: tee shot, fairway, approach, chip or putt.
Select the hole, the hole par, the course or all the courses and get an idea of your strengths and weaknesses.
Get them for all clubs in your bag or for one of them.
See your accuracy, where you use to throw the ball, the flight of it, and the length of your tee shots.
See your putt accuracy from different distances.


Map of tee shots

See all your tee shots made on a specific hole drawn over the map of the hole. Get a view of the accuracy and consistency of your tee shots.
Tap on any shot and you will get a label with the date, club used and distance achieved.
A great way to see where you use to throw the ball from the tee.