User Manual

How to... add a Player

The List of Players is where you have all the players, you and your friends, with the information about their handicap, but also where you can get their statistics and performance.

Adding a player is very simple. We just need to enter his or her golf parameters that will be used to get the playing handicap.

Let see how to do it step by step.

Select the option Players from the main menu.
Tap on the + button to add a new Player
You need to enter a Card Name which can be up to 6 letters long. This will be the name shown on the scorecard.

You also need to enter a Name as it is going to be used on the list of Players.

The rest of the Personal Details are optional.
Now we come to the important thing, the Golfer Details.

License is optional as well. It can be useful if you have to use it to book a green fee, for example.

Category: this is an important one. Golf My Rounds consider 4 categories:
  • Pro: A professional golfer will play always without handicap.
  • Male: will play from tees with Male ratings
  • Female: will play from tees with Female ratings
  • Junior: will play from tees for Junior players.
Hp Style: is the Handicap System of the Golf Association the player belongs. This is very important as every Handicap System has its own rules to get the playing handicap for a course. Golf My Rounds support the widest number of Handicap Systems: USGA, CONGU, EGA, RCGA, AGU & SAGA. If you want to know more about them, click here.

Handicap: here you enter the official player’s handicap. Golf My Rounds allows you to enter any number between -10 and 60 which is more than the limits established by the Handicap Systems of the different Golf Associations. This is because in some cases there are local rules that allow higher handicaps. And also if you want to give an unofficial handicap to somebody who is starting so you can have fun in a kind of competition.

Club Set: you can enter the clubs that you have in your bag. Remember that there is a limit of 14 clubs. It will be used to enter the club used on any shot and get the statistics of them.

Notes: add whatever comments you want about this player. You can always come back to see them.

How to... add a Golf Club and a Course

You play golf on a course of a Golf Club... so you need to have at least one!

Golf My Rounds allow you to manage Golf Clubs with one or many courses. And they can be 9 or 18 holes.

It is easy to add a course. You just need a scorecard of the course and do it once, then you can forget about it and just play.

Golf My Rounds support the Handicap Systems used around the world and makes the handicap adjustments for you, considering the tee and categories of the player. If you are going to play with handicap you have to enter the ratings of the course. But this is a very easy task.

Let’s see the process step by step:

Select the option Courses from the main menu.
Tap on the + button to add a new Golf Club
You have to enter a name for the Golf Club, it will be used in the list of Golf Clubs as well as on the scorecard. You cannot save a Golf Club without a name.

Address: it is used to localize the course on the Map. The more detailed you enter it, the more chances to find the course.

Telephone and Web page are optional, just for you to keep this information at your wish.

Length, is not mandatory. You can play the round without entering lengths, but in case you want to have them, select the unit, meters or yards, used for hole’s lengths.
And then add a Course.
Tap on the course added to enter the details.
Entering Course details

First, give it a name. Many Golf Clubs have just one course so you can give it the name Course, for example, but some Golf Clubs have more than one and usually they give them pretty names.

Then select if it is a 9 or 18 hole course.

Next, select the Handicap System used to rate your course. This is an important input as handicap adjustments are different depending on the Handicap System. If you want to know more about the different Handicap Systems, click here.

Then, you can add the Tee boxes, from one up to four.

For each Tee Box you can enter the color of the tee box and the rating. Rating is important as it modifies your playing handicap according to the difficulty of the course at this tee box.

Depending on the Handicap Style (Handicap System) you will be prompted with the proper data to enter: Rating and Slope for USGA, EGA and RCGA. You can enter separate values for gents and ladies. Rating for AGU, Standard Scratch Score (SSS) for CONGU Standard Rating (SR) for SAGA

This figures are on the scorecard of the course, both in paper or on the web.
When you have entered the tee boxes you want to have, select from which tee box plays each category of players.

And last you enter the Scorecard Details tapping on the option which brings you to the screen for scorecard details input.
Entering Scorecard details

It is really easy to enter the details and takes just a few minutes.

You need to enter Par and Handicap or Scratch Index (depending on the Handicap System). These figures are on the scorecard and you just need to tap on any box of Pars or Hp (SI) to enter the data.

You enter first par and handicap (or SI) for all holes of the first tee box. If all tee boxes have the same values you are done. But if there is a tee box where just one hole or some of them have different figures, you can change only them and keep the others the same.
Entering Pars is just as easy as selecting hole number 1, you get a keyboard to select the par of the hole. As soon as you tap the number, it jumps to next hole. You can enter all the pars in seconds!
Entering Hp or SI is also simple. Tap on any hole’s Hp or SI box and you get a keyboard with all the values available. As there cannot be two holes with the same value, the values already selected change to unavailable so you cannot make a mistake selecting the same value twice.
If you want, you can enter the distances of each hole for each tee box, but it is not mandatory in order to play a round.
Entering Hole Map details

You can enter the tee and green marks of each hole now or do it when playing a round.
Tap on any hole number to get to the Hole Map:
  • if you have already entered any marks, the Hole Map will be opened,
  • if you have no marks but you have entered the address of the Golf Club, the Map will be positioned at the Golf Club’s address. From this point you have to move to the hole,
  • if not, you will get a map ... of the Earth, and well, look for the Golf Club. As mentioned before, you can enter the Hole Map details from the scorecard of a round. And in that case you will be positioned exactly where you are.
Tap and hold for one second on one of the Tee Boxes, for example.
Then select the right tee box.
A mark of the tee box color will be placed at this point.
Then tap on the green, at the beginning is better as this keeps the green free to enter the spots of the shots when playing a round.
A green mark will be added to identify the green and a line connecting with the tee box entered before.
Continue adding the tee boxes marks and you will get a view of the hole like this.
And that’s all folks. Tap ok to save the changes and then save the Golf Club. You are ready to play golf on the course and have fun with the side games. Golf My Rounds will take care of all the calculations needed.

You can always come back later and add a new course, or a new tee box for a course, or enter the distances.

How to... start a Round

Are you going to play a round? Let’s do it.

We are at the tee on the course and take out our iPhone. We select Play Round on the main menu to open the Configure Round options.

If you have a predefined round configuration in the settings, it will be filled automatically and you just need to check if everything applies or adjust any single option and press play to start the scorecard.

But let’s do it as if you have no settings, it is really very, very easy, as Golf My Rounds takes care of everything.
Select the Golf Club where you are going to play. If there is only a course for that Golf Club it will be presented automatically. If not, you select the course from the list.
Add the players, from one up to four, from the list of players.

You can modify the handicap of any player for this round.

You can also select a different tee box. Handicap will be adjusted according to the tee box played.
Then select the holes you are going to play.

For a 9 holes course, you can select whether you are going to play 9 holes or 18 (two times the 9 holes). For an 18 holes course, you can select to play the holes 1 to 9, the holes 10 to 18 or the 18 holes.

Now select the scoring system for the round: Medal play (Stroke play) or Stableford points.

You can enter whether it is a tournament or just a round with friends.

And also, and very important, if Golf My Rounds has to consider handicaps to get the scores or you are going to play scratch (without handicap).
You can add up to three Side Games to play on a single round:

If you are playing a competition by teams, or a match play or you want to play a side game with your friends, select the Side Game from the list. On each option, you can see a summary of the rules of the game. Golf My Rounds will check that you have the players needed for the selected game (if you are playing a game that needs 4 players you cannot play it if you are just three). The Side Game will be managed by Golf My Rounds for you, you just have to enter the scores and see who is winning the game.
For statistics purpose, you can enter the weather and wind conditions of the round. You can later filter your statistics according to them.

If you are going to enter the scores “live” forget the date and time as Golf My Rounds will take the actual date and time when you click play as the starting date and time, and when you finish the round it will close them.

But in case you have decided to enter an already played round, for example, later at home or a past round because you want to have it for your statistics, you can enter here when it took place and how long it lasted.

Finally, you can add any comment about the round: something special to remember. You can do it now, later while playing or at any time in the future.

And thats all, tap Play and start recording your game. Good luck!

How to... score a Round

Well, you have started a round and now you have just finished hole 1. Instead of taking your old paper scorecard you take your iPhone and you enter the scores, as easy as on the paper scorecard but with much more information.

Tap on the square of the player’s hole 1 or any other, as you can start scoring wherever you want. You get a special keyboard. Depending on your preferences you can just tap the strokes you made, or enter more information.
After tapping the strokes you can enter the putts you have made. Golf My Rounds will control that you provide a right input (for example, you cannot enter more putts than strokes). You can also enter any penalty stroke you made.

It’s up to you. Just one tap or 3 taps to enter the score.

Without exiting, you can move to another player, up and down or move through the holes. Entering the scores for all the players takes no more than on the paper scorecard and you get a lot more.

If you realize that you made a mistake on any previous hole, just tap on it and write the right score, everything will be recalculated.

And finally you can send the round by mail, to your Facebook wall or tweet it. And also save it so you can download it later to your Mac or PC. But this is something we explain in other section.
Entering Shot details

The information entered before is enough for scoring, side games and a good number of statistics.

But if you like to track the way you play with more details, you have an option for it: Tap SHOTS on the keyboard and a second keyboard will be opened. Here you can enter details of your shots.

If you decide to enter shot details and you complete them, you do not need to enter strokes, putts and penalties on the other keyboard. They will calculated automatically.

Shot by shot you can enter its details. You can move to the next and previous shot. When you want to add a shot, tap the next one and a new shot will created starting where the ball landed in the last shot.

Tap on the X button to close the keyboard and get back.If you entered all the shots, then strokes, putts and penalties will be calculated based on the information entered here.

Let’s do it step by step:
Tap on the type of shot to select it, except shot 1 which is always of type “tee shot” and when you are on the green which is “putt”.
Tap on the club button to open your bag and select the club used. On the green you are supposed to putt so you cannot select the club.
Tap on the figure of the ball flight to select the right one. By default GMR considers that you hit straight. If you went out you cannot change the drop, but if you went to water, you can play the ball instead of drop it. At your risk, of course!
Tap on the figure of the end landing to select where you threw the ball. If you select water or out, a drop shot will be added. When you select Hole, you have finished the hole and when you close, strokes, putts and penalties will be calculated.
Tap on the box of the length to enter it if you know it. For non putt shots you enter the distance in meters or yards.
For a putt shot, you select the length of the putt.This values are used to provide you statistics by length of putt.
Finally, select the accuracy of your shot. Middle means a shot that went where you expected.
You can delete shots, but you will loose all data from that shot on. At the bottom, you get a chart with your shots. You can move it to scroll the chart.
Hole Map view

Golf My Rounds include a Hole Map view that shows you a view of the hole with all its details: bunkers, hazards, trees, tee boxes,...

You can use it just to check what you have in front of you, or you can do lots of more things that we are going to show you in a moment.

Tap on the Map button and you get a satellite view based on Maps. You can zoom it, move it as any other map view.
ATTENTION: You need to be connected to a data network to get the maps online.

If the hole already exists, you will get a map view with the tee box and green marks and a line between them. If not, you are prompted to enter the tee box and/or green marks. Just tap for one second on the place and the marks will be added for this round and also for the course, so they will be available for future rounds.
Hole marks already exist and are presented. You can hide and show them if needed,
Enter the marks if they do not exist. They will be added to the course for next rounds.
You can use your actual position to enter a mark or a shot. Just press “Use Pos.”
A blue point shows your position. The circle around shows you accuracy of position. The bigger the circle the less precise is the position.
Take this into account when the distance to your position is shown.

Let’s see how we can add shots to get a nice view of how we played the hole and how to get distances.

Zoom in and tap for a second on the point where you played the tee shot. You get a red tee as a mark.
Find the place where your ball landed and tap for one second. A white golf ball mark will be added and a line joining it with the previous mark.
Zoom out and you can see the view of the hole with your first shot.
Want to know the distance to green, for example? Just tap on the point you want to get the distance and you will get distances to tee box, to your last shot and to your position.
Add more shots. You can tap on any shot and get detailed information of it.
When you add the last shot, a flag will be added as a mark.
And finally, you get a view of the way you played the hole.
If you made a mistake you can always delete any shot, or even the green and tee box marks.

Stableford points, Side games, Round Statistics, Hole lengths and more

If you are playing Stableford, you can see how many points has each player. Just tap on Points.
If you are playing a Side Game, you can see who is winning, the points of each player or team, without spending a second on calculations. Tap on Side Game.
Tap on a player’s name and see his or her statistics on the round.
It includes sand saves, scrambling, up & downs and chip ins.

And while on the statistics view, you can also tap on any hole number to see his or her performance on all the previous rounds on that hole of the course.
Tap on any hole number and you will get the hole lengths for all tee boxes.

And finally, when you finish the round you get the calories consumed and the equivalent of beers that you can order on 19th Hole... if you are allowed to and you like it. You can always have an alcohol-free beer or any other drink of course.



How to... save or send a Round

One nice thing of golf is to share your rounds with your friends, specially the good ones.

Golf My Rounds do it for you, and allow you to share them the way you prefer and whenever you want. You can send it immediately while playing or later at the Club House or at home.

On the scorecard you have a More Opt. button that takes you to the different options to share the round:
Save as PDF: makes a printing on a PDF file of the round, including all details and save it on the iPhone. Next time you connect the iPhone to your Mac or PC, you can make a copy of it from your iTunes program.

Send by email: prepare an email with the round as an attachment. Just type the addresses of your friends and you have your round sent.

Facebook: if not connected yet, it asks you to connect to your Facebook account. Then it posts an image of your round to your wall.

Twitter: Golf My Rounds prepares a message with the round attached as an image. Change the text or tweet it as it is. All your followers will see how well you played.

Dropbox: You can upload a PDF of your round to your dropbox account. You will have it available on any other device through your dropbox account. Or you can share it with your friends.

Enjoy it.

How to... make and restore a backup

It is a good idea to make a backup periodically to avoid any accidental loss of data due to any problem with your device.

You have three ways to make a back up of all your data (players, courses, rounds and statistics).

Under the Settings menu you will find an option to make a Back up. Select it and you get to the options. You can upload a full backup to your dropbox account. The first time you select it, you will be asked to confirm that you want to link Golf My Rounds with dropbox and you will have to enter your dropbox account. Once you do it, you will have a new folder “Golf My Rounds” in your “Applications” folder in your dropbox account.

When you select the dropbox option, a folder with the name “backup + date of backup” will be added.

You can also restore any previous backup directly from your device. Just tap on the Restore data option under Settings and you will get the list of all backups available on your dropbox account. Select the one you want to restore and it will be done for you. You will be asked to confirm as it will replace any previous data with the backup.
By Mail
Select “Send by mail” and you will be able to send a full back up to any mail address that you want. You can restore this backup from iTunes as explained a few lines below.

You can use this option also to send a backup of all your data to a friend that wants to start with Golf My Rounds. He can benefit of the courses that you have already entered, for example. Do not forget that restoring a backup deletes all previous data in the device.
With iTunes
Here we explain you how to make a backup using iTunes and also how to restore it. Follow the instructions carefully.

Making a backup:
  • Connect your device to a PC or Mac with iTunes and sync it.
  • Select the device on iTunes and go to the "Apps" option. At the bottom you have a section called also "Apps". Select Golf My Rounds and you get a list of files on the right.
  • Select the files named "archivesttings" and "MyCaddy.sqlite" and press the button "Save to...". Select a folder in your PC or Mac to save a copy of them.
  • This copy will be a backup of your data (players, courses, rounds, statistics,...).
Restoring a backup:
  • Connect your device to the PC or Mac with iTunes and sync it.
  • Select the device on iTunes and go to the "Apps" option. On the same section "Apps", select Golf My Rounds.
  • Then press the button "Add...", go to the folder where you saved the files mentioned before and select them. Press "Open" and both files will be copied.
  • Sync the device again to get the files copied.
  • Be sure to close Golf My Rounds on the device to allow it take the new files.
  • When you open Golf My Rounds, you will have your data available.
Attention: be aware that when you copy the files it deletes any previous data and it will be lost. You can copy files from an app of a version equal or lower, as Golf My Rounds will update any data needed, but if you copy data from a higher version to a lower one you can have a crash.

Tip: Make always a copy of your files before deleting them so you can restore the data.
Tip: You can use this procedure to make a copy of the data on your iPhone to another iPhone or to an iPad.

How to... export & import a Golf Club

This two options, export and import, allow you to share Golf Clubs that you have enter in one device with whoever you want. Nice thing to avoid entering all details if your friend has already done it.

You can export a Golf Club and all its details including the maps and the marks.
You can upload it to your dropbox account and then share it with a friend of you or send it by mail.
Export a Golf Club
From the List of Golf Clubs, select the one you want to export.

Once in the Golf Club details, you can see at the bottom the option “Export”. Tap on it.

Then select if you want to send it by mail, here you just have to enter the mail addresses of your colleagues.
Or select the dropbox option and the Golf Club will be uploaded to your dropbox account linked. It will be uploaded to a folder called Apps/Golf My Rounds/Golf Clubs. You can then copy it to another folder, share it with others, so they can get it.

And that’s all. Quite easy.
Import a Golf Club
There are two ways to import a Golf Club.
You can copy a file that somebody else, or yourself, has exported previously to the folder Apps/Golf My Rounds/Golf Clubs in your dropbox account.
Then enter in Golf My Rounds and select the Golf Clubs option. At the bottom there is an option “Import”. Tap it and you will see the list of Golf Clubs available on your dropbox account. Select the one you want to import and it will be added to your List of Golf Clubs ready to be used. You can modify it and export it as any other Golf Club.
If you get an email with a Golf Club attached, you can also open the mail in your device and tap on the attachment. You will be presented the option to open the attachment with Golf My Rounds, select it and the Golf Club will be included in your List.

How to... request a Course

Yes. You can ask us to enter the details of the Golf Club for you.

We understand that some people like to enter the courses but other people are not that happy to do it.

For those of you that do not like to enter the courses we have a Course Data Entry Service.

It is very easy. Go to the Golf Clubs option. At the bottom, there is an option “Request”, tap on it.

Enter the name of the Golf Club, the country and the detailed address.

If you have a scorecard you can take a picture or two of it, or select them from your camera roll. This will help us to identify it better.

Then tap on “Send mail”. You can add in the body of the mail more info that you consider that can help us. Click send.

Once we receive the mail we will try to get the scorecard and enter it for you. We will reply to the mail with another one including the Golf Club as attachment that you can then import.